Saturday, November 7, 2009

Broken Capillaries Pictures What Are Broken Capillaries?

What are broken capillaries? - broken capillaries pictures

I have a small face and told me I had a little burst capillaries. At first I thought it was not as bad a condition. but when I saw pictures online search of the sign. I've seen the pictures look really scary, but I'm not that kind of "spider" in the face. My skin has become slightly brown, and I will not turn me red in the face every time I drink in the sun or alcohol.

How do I know WHEN I broken capillaries?


  1. Chill broken capillaries are not a serious medical problem. They are spider veins, that's why!

    Well, you have probably the sun. They can be formed by the extremely high temperatures, with the exception of going cold to hot in a short time (even if their status is probably the former).

    To answer your question, are broken capillaries spider veins. The capillaries are tiny blood vessels. When under pressure (physically or chemically), vary on the walls and expand or become smaller, causing stress on the muscles of the capillaries. These muscles are damaged, if you build too much pressure on them.

    You can be rid of creams, pills, or laser procedures. Ask your dermatologist. If you do not go to the pharmacy. There are medications, treatments and night creams for broken capillaries only. They are not harmful in any way.

    To avoid future they will not go safely outside when it super-duper hot or cold, not GE'sIf sunburn or wind, and try not to fall on my face or have nothing against the press too hard (even if your fingers are not per face is fine). Do not drink too much alcohol. Loading men have broken capillaries on her face with alcohol, is not attractive.

    Good luck!

  2. Well, first of all, if you would have broken capillaries as the coup see, perhaps with small red lines. These lines (if any) are your capillaries. Generally, they are only temporary and not serious. However, I wouldnt know if a face that would do anything for them because they havent had a facial image, and I do not think so: P.

    Also, you mention, "Spider". Im not quite sure about the face, but when something that looks like most of the veins (usually around the muscles in the back of the leg) of the so-called varicose veins. It is a sign that the valves in the blood does not work, and the name and the reasons to hold out the veins. DONT GET However, this mixture of people stickin with the veins in his arms and legs after exercise. This is different!

    Anyway, back to the topic goes, his face red in the sun and alcohol, maybe because your in the sun too long and burned or thrown into alcohol (it happens).

    If not, I know bout the last part: P
    But I hope that helps

  3. Go to a dermatologist.

  4. Go to a dermatologist.