Sunday, February 21, 2010

925 Rj Cz Bracelets What Does It Mean When There Is A 925 The RJ CZ On A Diamond Bracelet In Silver?

What does it mean when there is a 925 the RJ CZ on a diamond bracelet in silver? - 925 rj cz bracelets

I have a diamond braacelet States and 925 and then down says RJ CZ


  1. The 925 "means that it is 92.5% silver, sterling quite sufficient.
    RJ Graziano RJ can do a lot of work on the bridge, jewelry and ornaments. "Bridge jewelry is a little better this lawsuit, but not too fine jewelry ..
    CZ probably means that the zircons are diamonds really ..

    RJ Graziano mainly used in jewelry in silver plated metal. Does the 925 have the right of p tiny for him? Who said it was silver plated ..

  2. which means that the money is really what the number of money used as the jeweler Tiffany's has said that if there will be real money 925

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